Phase of Services

Cost-Effective Business Solutions.

StarCare Insurance offers comprehensive and collaborative brokerage services to our esteemed clients.

After identifying the client’s insurance needs, we advise and design the program for proper cover, terms, conditions and limits. Consequently, we prepare market submission and present it to insurance providers who are selected based on their claims handling abilities or as per your requirements. Insurance is placed on your behalf after the approval.

Pre-Policy Phase

In the pre-policy phase, we will review and redesign current medical benefits, Providers network’s list( Hospitals, polyclinics, and clinics), and members class distribution – Based on internal HR guidelines.

Our specialists will then Identify drivers of increasing medical claim cost (Loss Ratio Drivers) and will forward a technical claims report analysis along with recommendations for ways to reduce cost and control claims experience.

After approaching the insurance market, we will present an optimized financial and technical solution that leads to a quick win at this year’s renewal i.e. cut cost/cost avoidance and a stabilized policy performance i.e. sustained claim costs.

Lastly, we will submit a comparative analysis and help you in the decision making process.

Post-Policy Phase

In the post policy phase of your business , we will process all membership transactions and requests to ensure that the medical insurance policy is implemented as per KPI’s approved internal guidelines.

Our specialists will be attending to queries related to delayed approvals and rejected or poor services emanating from Medical centers or Workshops.

A periodic policy performance report will be submitted focusing on any abnormal behaviors that can be controlled (cost management) and any irregularities in policy performance (hospital, claims, pre-authorizations, frequency ..) as well as a top frequent user analysis which includes whether they are medically justified or not.

The claims will be rechecked for any additions and deletions. Moreover, medical insurance will be presented with multiple class changes and insurance documents made simpler for your easy reference.